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About me

A small introduction about my self

Jeremy Applebaum

Developer/videographer from Chicago

Comprehensive experience working in small businesses to develop award-winning, innovative mobile applications, websites, and films. A natural creative with an entrepreneurial spirit capable of executing on complex development objectives in a collaborative or autonomous manner. Dedicated to working with management and teams to produce engaging creative content. Proven to have an extensive startup skillset that can be utilized to bring innovation to corporate businesses and large studios. Looking for a position in which to utilize an established development and content creation skillset for an exciting company working on innovative solutions.

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My Skills

I can say I'm quite good at

General Skills

♦ Program Management
♦ Collaborative Development Project Delivery
♦ Innovation
♦ Development Team Management
♦ Mobile Development
♦ Web Development
♦ Content Creation
♦ Film Editing, Shooting, and Production
♦ Entrepreneurship Small Business Practices
♦ Music Video Production
♦ Technical Support

Programing languages known:

♦ Limited Python
♦ Javascript
♦ MYSQL Databases

Software known:

♦ Mac OSX
♦ Windows Systems
♦ Microsoft Office Suite
♦ Adobe CC
♦ Final Cut Pro Motion
♦ Corona SDK
♦ Git (Github/Bitbucket)
♦ Jira/Basecamp/Trello

Work Experience

My previous associations

October 2015 to

For Your Party; Skokie, IL Chicago, IL

A manufacturer of custom wedding and party accessories.
Web Developer
March 2015 to
May 2015

Poseidon Financial; Chicago, IL

A provider of world-class information about stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and global markets.
Lead Developer

Planned, developed, and executed the prototype build for a new WordPress powered website and product service. Utilized LaRavel to create plugins that added additional features to the website. Worked with managers to set development objectives. Interfaced with various teams to keep the website design, functionality, and operations within organizational objectives.
♦ Wrote custom code and developed solutions to speed the development of the prototype website.
♦ Completed extensive documentation for the prototype for future developers to execute on the final version of the product.

2014 to

Mobile X Labs; Chicago, IL

A startup mobile app developer.
Corona Developer

Worked with a team of other developers to produce social monetization and third-party applications for mobile devices. Integral to the development of Corona-based applications, and consistently delivered error free code to senior developers and project managers. Completed multiple applications, some of which went on to rank in the highly in the app store.

2012 to

Appoet Inc; Chicago, IL

A digital media startup company that was consistently recognized for innovations.

Co-founded a startup worth $350K to research and develop mobile applications for literature, the arts, and entertainment. Within three years helped to grow the organization from a team of two to eight, and developed seven applications for small businesses and large companies. Managed and led all aspects of technical development, including the training of junior developers. Sourced outsourced contracts internationally to execute on key development tasks to reduce costs.
♦Two applications went on to win awards internationally. Others were recognized by Fast City, The Guardian, and O the Oprah Magazine.

2010 to

Señorwooly.com; Skokie IL

An educational film company
Director of Photography

Interfaces with educational content creators to develop one to three Spanish educational music videos a year for young audiences. Executes production, filming, and editing tasks in a timely diligent manner.

2008 to

Streetlight Productions Inc/Freelance; Chicago IL

A project and film production company that offered a range of professional services

Created a new business to create digital media, offer professional services, build websites and apps. Handled all aspects of business development from sales and customer service to accounting and development. Produced and developed videos in and around the Greater Chicago Metro Area for small businesses and organizations. Provided critical tech support to clients experiencing duress.
♦ Developed two applications, one of which vAD, is consistently used by young filmmakers to set up their storyboards.
♦ Consulted with an accounting firm, and provided PC repair and technical support while increasing the office's efficiency by developing an in-house network for client files.

2009 to

Either Way Works; Chicago, IL

A marketing startup.

Led the visual aspect of 12 separate short films produced in Chicago. At any on time managed 30 separate employees and directed them to accomplish daily film and production objectives. Consistently met production deadlines.

Released Work

Here some examples of my work

My Reel

My Reel

For your viewing pleasure
Mad Mitch

Mad Mitch's Trash Laboratory/Mad Mitch and the Search for the Crimson Crown

For your viewing pleasure
A web series about a crazy scientist and the wacky adventures he goes on!
Check it out on YouTube Here!


Developed with WordPress

Bed Burrito is a webpage I started in order to post and create random and viral content.



(No longer active) Developed with WordPress

Film-Video-Tv.lighting is a blog I started about film, video, and tv lighting. I shut down the site as it was primary used as a marketing tool for JClamps.



(No longer active) Shopify Store

J-Clamps is a Shopify store I opened in order to sell film/video/tv products. I shut down the site due to extremely high eBay and Shopify fees that made it almost impossible to to turn any sort of profit.


Poseidon Financial

Developed with Wordpress/Laravel

Poseidon Financial is a web network of financial sites aimed at higher end investors. I worked on the themes (parent/child) as well as a custom plugin to show fund data.


Arlo the Whale

Developed with Corona SDK

The Festival of lights is an interactive story book app for kids telling the story of Arlo the Whale.

You can get it on iOS here.

You can get it on android here.



(No Longer Active) Developed with PHP/MySQL

Game Seekers is a web site and blog aimed at helping table top players find other players. It's written mostly from scratch in PHP/mySql. It uses the Mandrill SDK, facebook javascript SDK, and jQuery. The blog is powered by wordpress. I site was shut down due to a lack of interest from the community.



(No Longer Active) Developed with PHP/MySQL

Infused.today was the front end webpage for hyper local discovery platform, titled ‘Infused’. The webpage relies on PHP, SQL and Google maps in order to save points on the map and then reload them when someone wishes to view that point. Infused.today is written from scratch in PHP as well as jQuery.


(No Longer Active) Infused

Developed with Corona SDK

Infused. Infused was a hyper local discovery platform. The concept behind the app is that a user can upload anything from anywhere in the word. When another user walks by running the app, their app will vibrate which let the user know that a piece of work was uploaded here and give them the option to view it.


The Festival Of Lights

Developed with Corona SDK

The Festival of lights is an interactive story book app for kids telling the story of Hanukkah.

You can get it on iOS here.

You can get it on android here.

You can get it on amazon here.

You can get it on windows phone here.


The Poet's Almanac

Developed with Corona SDK and PHP/MySql

The Poet's Almanac is an iOS/android app that gives the user a new poem based on their weather and date. The backend is written in PHP while the app was developed with Corona SDK.

You can get it on iOS here.

You can get it on android here.

♦ Featured in the July 2015 Issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine"


What We Mean

Developed with Corona SDK

What We Mean is a poetry app developed with Corona SDK that allows user to either read “black out poetry” written by Josh Fisher or to create their own using the devices camera and their fingers. What We Mean from a technical standpoint is drawing app that relies on SQL in order to allow users to save their work as well as go back and modify prior pieces.



Developed with Corona SDK

vAD is a storyboarding (film) app developed with Corona SDK. vAD is designed to help film makers by allowing them to easily carry around their story boards with them wherever they go. vAD from a technical stand point in a dynamic tableview that relies heavily and SQL in order to function.


Bounce a Ball

Developed with Corona SDK

Bounce a Ball is a simple physics game developed with Corona SDK. Bounce a Ball from a technical stand point relies on Box 2D and some SQL in order to save user preferences and high scores.


Products I have built



(No longer sold) The Best Way to Mount Hot Shoe Accessories

JClamps are a clamp I designed to easily mount hot shoe accessories for film sets. I shut down the site due to extremely high eBay and Shopify fees that made it almost impossible to to turn any sort of profit.


Some of my Achievements

November 2017

Awarded Patent

Received a full patent for hyper-local digital notification system that alerts people when they are near a hotspot.

July 2015

O, The Oprah Magazine

"The Poets Almanac" was featured in Oprah's Magazine.

December 2014

Provisional Patent

Received a full patent for hyper-local digital notification system that alerts people when they are near a hotspot.

October 2013

Kickstater for Infused

Completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in October of 2013.

2007 to

Academic All American

I was an Academic All American for sports of Cross Country and Track and Field.

2007 to

Academic All Big East

I was Academic All Big East for sports of Cross Country and Track and Field.

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career

August 2014


Elmspring Accelerator

I was a founding member of a startup that attended the first class of the Elmspring Accelerator.


Bachelor of Arts

DePaul University

I hold a bachelor of arts from DePaul University in Digital Cinema. I was academic all american/all big east from 2007-2009.

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